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More Heart
Better Communication

Next Level Communication For Wine Producers.


Hi, I'm Silke,
a Skilled Communication Professional.

OTTANTA VENTI specializes in communication for winegrower and wineries. I am a WEST 2 wine lover, my heart beats for communication in all facets, I am passionate about story telling and I love to make people's eyes shining. 

What I Can Do For You.

With a lot of heart and passion

I support you in telling the story of you and your wine.


I'll lift your communication to the next level

for more visibility and noticeability.

I am your intersection of communication, design, corporate identity, marketing and social media.


In doing so, I listen to you and even to my heart. I create communication strategies, develop clear concepts and never forget that wine is all about emotions like passion, joy, connection and ultimately art. Because for me personally the people who create wine are true artists.

Wine is

pure emotion.

Communication Strategy

Professional communication starts with a professional strategy. 

Corporate Identity

Your company's soul. Let's develop your corporate identity together. 

Social Media

For sure there is so much more to your wine than it seems at the first glance. 

Specific Parts

Ottanta venti supports even in small tasks, let's talk about it.


You want to talk like Barak Obama and think you have to be a natural? Not at all it can be coached.

Don't Know Your Needs?

I listen carefully and together we will find what will lead you to success.


What People I Worked For Say About Me

Enthusiastic & Committed

“An enthusiastic person with a big heart, commitment and humor. With the ability to explain difficult issues simply.״ 

Susanne R.


Empathy & Openminded

I appreciate the open, life-affirming and warming way of approaching people: with a laugh and a cheerful attitude.״ 

Marco B.


Creative & Proactive

Highly competent in change management, communication and event management. Absolutely reliable, creative and with a great focus on success.״ 

Philippe G.



Let's Take Your Communication to the Next Level

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