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I'm a Communication Professional with 41 years' experience.

41 years of experience at the age of 47?

Sure, because already at the age of 6 I told an endless number of stories. Whether friends, family, neighbors or my stuffed animals - everyone was treated to my puppet theatre or my radio programme.


Since 2005, I have been working for the Swiss Federal Railways in various areas, such as Business Partner for Communication, Event Management, Multimedia, Change Management and Transformation of Corporate Culture. 

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My Story

I am the child of a transport and logistics family, I studied business administration, then worked in our company and at the same time opened a specialist shop for koi carps. At the age of 29 I moved to Switzerland, where I still live. 


I have been working for the Swiss Federal Railways since 2005 in different areas. Currently I am Project Manager Transformation of Corporate Culture, before that Head of Events and Multimedia and Business Partner for Communication. I have a Diploma in Business Administration with focus on Marketing, a Desktop Publisher and Moderator qualification and the WSET Level II (Wine & Spirit Education Trust).


I am enthusiastic about motivating people or enabling them to achieve there goals, a change or a transformation process with other people. I have a great passion for communication, transformation and leadership in all its facets. I have a sensitivity for humans and I'm able to see to customers needs. I listen and question. I am emphatic, authentic, open minded and I have a great sense of humor.


I am absolutely passionate about wine. By chance I met the people of the small winery Agricola del NUDO from Maremma, Tuscany and was flashed by their Vermentino. They have a super premium product, a modern look and a great story behind. But they don't have the time or the skills to tell this story to the world. 


So we started working on a communication and corporate concept. During this process, Stefano and Roland kept telling me that there must be many wine producers who would be happy to have my help, ideas and creativity.

That's how the idea came about and now I'm just trying it out. 

I support you in taking your communication to the next level by using the "heart over head" method. This means that I listen carefully, read between the lines, feel into it, draw on my years of experience, use my intuition and combine this with proven methods and procedures from business management. So that your wine and your story become visible and noticed, so that your wine touches people emotionally and you increase your awareness and sales. 

Fun Fact.

Why OTTANTA VENTI is called Ottanta Venti?

It's Italian and it means "Eighty Twenty" 80/20

The name stands for a wine blend and for the Pareto principle.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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