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Why OTTANTA VENTI is called Ottanta Venti.

It's Italian and it means "Eighty Twenty".

The name stands for a wine blend and for the Pareto principle.



Skilled Communication Professional 

with 41 Years' Experience

41 years of experience at the age of 47 ?

Sure, because already at the age of 6 I told an endless number of stories. Whether neighbours, family, school friends or my stuffed animals - everyone was treated to my puppet theatre or my radio programme.


Since 2005, I have been working for the Swiss Federal Railways in various areas, such as Business Partner for Communication, Event Management, Multimedia, Change Management and Transformation of Corporate Culture.  

Education & experience

» Project Manager Transformation of Corporate Culture

» Head of Events and Multimedia

» Business Partner Communication


» WSET Level II (Wine & Spirit Education Trust)

» Moderator training

» Desktop Publisher

» Diploma in Business

» Administration (Marketing focus)


Silke Stupperich

Mühlacher 4

CH-3256 Dieterswil

0041 79 828 76 27

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Fun Facts

Let’s Start Working Together!

I haven't eaten fish since I was 14. The reason? The overfishing of the oceans. And out of solidarity, I don't eat freshwater fish any more either. Actually, nothing that comes from the water.


I'm afraid of flying but I love roller coasters.

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